2024 Olympics Cheat Sheet | Hey Indian Folks, Time to Bookmark!

2024 Olympics Cheat Sheet | Hey Indian Folks, Time to Bookmark!

Yo folks! Get ready to witness the awesomeness of the 2024 Olympics kicking off on July 26th. Paris Olympics has always been the talk of the town even before it starts, and this time it’s gonna be epic!

Forget about new stadiums; Paris is turning landmarks into game arenas, making it a spectacle you can’t miss.

Now, let’s dive into what’s cooking at the 2024 Olympics with your buddy, 1Ace!

2024 Olympics Info

Alright, fellas! France is hosting the 2024 Olympics after a century-long hiatus. And guess what? It’s one of those rare events that Covid couldn’t crash!

When’s the Paris Party?

Mark your calendars, people! From July 26th to August 11th, Paris is where the party’s at! President Macron is all in for creating a bangin’ Olympic experience, and we’re here for it!

Where’s the Opening Bash?

Hold onto your seats! The opening ceremony is ditching the stadium and hitting the Seine River! Athletes arriving by boat? Talk about making an entrance!

Where's the 2024 Opening Bash?

Why No New Stadiums?

Paris is going green, my friends! They’re all about slashing carbon footprints, so instead of new venues, they’re pimping out the city’s hotspots. Eiffel Tower Olympics, anyone?

Meet the 2024 Olympics Mascots!

Say hello to Frige and Phrygia, the Olympic mascots! Sporting the French flag colors with a dash of gold bling, these guys are the real MVPs of the games.

2024 Olympics Torch Talk

French designer Mathieu Lehanneur is behind the Olympic torch design this year. It’s all about equality, water, and peace, baby!

2024 Olympic Torch

2024 Olympics Schedule

Qualification Hustle

Getting into these Olympics ain’t a cakewalk, folks! Athletes gotta jump through hoops, nail their performances, and pass those anti-doping tests.

Road to Paris

Qualifying ain’t just about scoring big; it’s about surviving the prequalification matches too. It’s like a survival game, but with sweat and determination!

Save the Dates!

From the completion of the Olympic village in March 2024 to the closing ceremony in August, it’s gonna be one heck of a ride!

2024 Olympics ScheduleEvent
March 2024Completion of Paris Olympics Athletes’ Village
July 26, 20242024 Olympics Opening Ceremony
August 11, 20242024 Olympics Closing Ceremony
August 28, 2024Paralympic Games (Paralympics) Opening Ceremony
September 8, 2024Paralympic Games (Paralympics) Closing Ceremony

2024 Olympics Sport Bonanza

2024 Olympics Events

Ready for some action? We’ve got 32 major events, 48 sub-events, and 29 minor ones lined up! Get your game face on, people!

Cycling (BMX)EquestrianFencingFootball (Soccer)
JudoModern PentathlonRowingRugby Sevens
SailboatShootingSkateboardingSport Climbing
SurfingTable TennisTaekwondoTennis

What’s New?

Breakdancing, skateboarding, sport climbing, and surfing are making their debut in the Olympics. Time to shake things up, literally!

What Got Axed?

To balance the gender scale and cut down on events, a few got the boot. No worries, though; we’re still in for a wild ride!

What Got Axed?

Indian Dream Team

India’s in the house with 9 events on their radar! From archery to wrestling, they’re bringing their A-game to Paris!

ArcheryObtained one men’s berth in Olympic archery, which came from the 2023 Asian Archery Championships.
AthleticsQualified in the following events: men’s 3000m steeplechase, men’s 20km race walk, women’s 3000m steeplechase, women’s 20km race walk, men’s long jump, men’s javelin throw.
BoxingSecured four quotas in Olympic boxing, all from the 2022 Asian Games.
EquestrianAllocated one vacant individual dressage spot in equestrian.
HockeyThe Indian men’s hockey team won the championship at the 2022 Asian Games, securing Olympic qualification.
SailingSecured a spot in one sailing event at the Olympics, obtained from the 2024 World Laser Class Sailing Championships.
ShootingSecured Olympic berths through various competitions such as the 2022 World Shotgun Championships, 2022 World Rifle and Pistol Championships, 2023 World Shooting Championships, 2023 Asian Shooting Championships, 2024 Asian Rifle and Pistol Championships, and 2024 Asian Shotgun Championships.
Table TennisEarned qualifications for men’s and women’s team events and all four singles (two each for men and women) through the March 2024 Table Tennis Team Olympics rankings.
WrestlingObtained one slot in wrestling, from the 2023 World Wrestling Championships.
2024 Olympics Indian National Team

FAQs About 2024 Olympics

Got questions? We’ve got answers!

Where’s the Olympic bash happening?

Paris, baby!

Is there free live streaming?

You betcha! 1Ace has got you covered!

How many countries are in the game?

We’re talking 206 countries and around 10,500 athletes, folks!

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Time to bookmark and join the Olympic party!

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