2023 ICC Men's Cricket World Cup Team List

2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Team List

Hey folks, gather ’round because 1Ace is dropping the 411 on the 2023 ICC World Cup teams, and trust me, it’s a cricketing carnival like no other!

Picture this: after a marathon of nail-biting qualifiers that would give even the calmest person a few grey hairs, we’ve finally got our hands on the list of the ten teams that are going to rock the 2023 ICC World Cup.

Now, hold onto your turbans, because these squads are like a treasure chest of cricketing wonders. We’ve got spin maestros, batting behemoths, all-rounders who can do it all, swing sorcerers, and those ruthless death bowlers who can send shivers down any batsman’s spine.

It’s like a spicy curry of cricketing talent from all corners of the globe, and let me tell you, it’s going to be a feast for the cricket-loving soul!

So, if you’re as curious as a cat to know which teams are in on the action, my friends, read on and satisfy that cricketing curiosity!

2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup

The 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup is all set to dazzle us with its thirteenth edition, my friends!

Originally scheduled for February-March, but thanks to our dear friend COVID-19, the qualifiers got delayed, and now we’re rolling from October 10th to November 26th, can you believe it?

Now, let’s talk strategy, my fellow cricket enthusiasts. With a little bit of ‘jugaad’ and some ‘desi tadka,’ countries can surely spice up their game and aim for glory. It’s all about ‘setting the field on fire’ with the right tactics, folks!

Get ready for some thrilling showdowns, where we’ll witness a true ‘melting pot’ of cultures and passionate fanbases coming together. This tournament is going to be ‘full-on masala’ for cricket fans, leaving a ‘chaat masala’ of memories in its wake!

And you know what’s the best part? This year, the stage is set for the underdogs to shine like ‘dark horses.’ So, don’t miss this ‘dhamaal’ opportunity to witness history in the making, folks! It’s going to be ‘total paisa vasool’!

Cricket World Cup 2023 Overview Table:

AdministratorInternational Cricket Council (ICC)
Cricket FormatOne Day International (ODI)
Selection ProcedureRound-Robin and Knockout
Opening MatchOctober 10th, 2023
Final MatchNovember 26th, 2023
Participants Teams10
Total Matches played48
Official Websitehttps://www.icc-cricket.com/
2023 ICC Men's Cricket World Cup

2023 Cricket World Cup Team List

  1. India
  2. Great Britain
  3. New Zealand
  4. Australia
  5. Bangladesh
  6. Pakistan
  7. Afghanistan
  8. West Indies

The current lineup of teams participating in the Cricket World Cup is absolutely fantastic, featuring some top-notch cricketers from all around the world.

Representing India as the host nation, we’ve got Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the West Indies in the mix, my friends! These teams bring a treasure trove of knowledge and cricketing finesse that’s bound to spice up the tournament.

With some seriously mind-boggling batting averages and bowling records that are as smooth as butter, each team is ready to steal the spotlight and dazzle the crowds in this highly sought-after competition.

Just picture it, folks! We’re in for a whirlwind of breathtaking performances that’ll have us on the edge of our seats throughout the event!

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India National Cricket Team Profile

The fabulous India men’s national cricket squad, lovingly dubbed as ‘Team India’ and ‘Men in Blue,’ holds a boss-level reputation as ICC’s Full Members.

Currently chilling at the second spot in Tests and leading the pack in both ODIs and T20s, these lads are absolutely killing it with their swag, discipline, and unwavering dedication.

Rohit Sharma is the current boss in charge, with Rahul Dravid as the head honcho in the coaching department.

The combined awesomeness of these iconic folks has led Team India to rule the international cricket scene like absolute legends, becoming a major inspiration to all the aspiring cricketers back home.

Virat Kohli India National Cricket Team

Great Britain National Cricket Team Profile

The England cricket team, my friends, is like the ‘Desi Dhamal’ of Great Britain, and it’s been under the loving care of the ECB since 1997.

Now, let’s talk about the ‘gang’ – this team is a fantastic mix of players from England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, all these countries that are still waiting for their ICC ‘raja’ status.

They’ve had quite the ‘dhamaal’ history in international cricket tournaments like the Cricket World Cup. They became ‘king of the hill’ in 2019 and were ‘almost there’ as runners-up in the 2004 and 2013 Champions Trophy tournaments.

As of December 27, 2022, England is holding the third position in Tests, second place in ODIs, and they’re ‘just a bit behind’ in T20I rankings. So, they’re not too far from becoming the ‘sultan’ of all formats!

Ben Stokes Great Britain National Cricket Team

New Zealand National Cricket Team Profile

The New Zealand national cricket team, affectionately known as the ‘Black Caps,’ has been quite the fixture in international cricket since the early 1930s when they made their Test debut against the formidable English squad.

With a tally that boasts 566 wins, 635 losses, 16 stalemates, and 168 matches where nobody quite knew what happened (a staggering 44 no results, mate!).

Now, let’s talk rankings, shall we? These Kiwis are sitting pretty at fifth place in Tests, top of the pops in ODIs, and fifth in T20Is, according to the International Cricket Council. That’s like batting in the top order and smashing it all over the park!

But, mind you, the road to cricket stardom hasn’t been all smooth sailing for the Black Caps. They’ve had their fair share of sticky wickets, but their resolve and grit on the field are as spicy as a curry on a hot summer’s day. Cheers to this cricketing sensation!

Kane Williamson New Zealand National Cricket Team

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Australia National Cricket Team Profile

The Australia men’s national cricket team is like that legendary Bollywood superstar who made their debut in 1877, facing off against England in their first Test match. Since then, they’ve become the ‘Dabangg’ of cricket, dominating both ‘desi’ and ‘videshi’ pitches with their swag and skills.

They’ve played a whopping 851 Tests, winning a ‘paisa vasool’ 404 of them – a scorecard that’ll make even the most optimistic ‘chacha ji’ grin from ear to ear. And they’ve lost just 229 matches, drawn 216, and tied 2, proving that they’re the ‘sultan’ of consistency.

As of May 2022, Australia is ‘number one’ on the ICC Test Championship rankings with a whopping 128 rating points – a ‘balle balle’ moment for their fans worldwide, and a reminder that they’re the ‘baap’ of Test cricket.

Aaron Finch Australia National Cricket Team

Bangladesh National Cricket Team Profile

The Bangladesh men’s national cricket team, affectionately known as ‘The Tigers,’ has really been making some waves in international cricket since they were bestowed with Full Member status by the International Cricket Council (ICC) back in 2000.

Managed by the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB), these folks have had some cracking moments – like making it to the semi-finals of the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy and the quarter-finals of the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup.

And let’s not forget their near misses – they’ve been the bridesmaids three times at the Asia Cups (2012, 2016 & 2018) and finally clinched their first-ever multi-team ODI tournament victory at the 2019 Ireland Tri-Nation Series.

As of April 6, 2022, according to the ICC rankings, these Tigers are batting at 9th place in Tests, strutting at 7th in ODIs, and dancing their way to the 9th spot in T20Is – not too shabby for a team that’s still relatively young in the cricketing arena!

Shakib Al Hasan Bangladesh National Cricket Team

Pakistan National Cricket Team Profile

The Pakistan national cricket team, also affectionately known as the ‘Shaheens,’ is like the Bollywood superstar of cricket, managed by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

They have played a whopping 451 Test matches, with 146 glorious victories, 139 ‘oopsie daisies,’ and 166 friendly handshakes in the form of draws.

Back in the day, during the ‘War on Terror,’ terrorism was partying hard, and not many foreign teams were up for a cricketing trip to Pakistan. But wait for it…

Thankfully, like a Bollywood plot twist, terrorism decided to take a back seat, and Pakistan beefed up its security. Since 2015, it’s been raining foreign teams in Pakistan – it’s like the country put on its best party outfit and suddenly became a cricketing hotspot!

Babar Azam Pakistan National Cricket Team

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Afghanistan National Cricket Team Profile

The Afghanistan national cricket team has had quite the ‘masala’ journey since it first came into existence in the ‘good old days’ of the mid-19th century.

In recent years, they have been ‘jugaadu’ and made ‘bindaas’ progress, now sitting pretty at the 9th position in Twenty20 Internationals (T20I) as of January 2021. They even hold the world record for the ‘chatpata’ highest-ever T20I score!

Despite all the ‘tamasha’ in the political scene, these Afghan cricketers continue to display ‘takkar ka jazba’ and ‘never say die’ attitude on their ‘masti-filled’ journey towards success.

They have achieved ‘kamaal’ amidst all the ‘golmaal’, proving time and again that ‘kuch bhi ho sakta hai’ when it comes to making ‘dhamal’ strides in the sport they ‘pyaar karte hain!’

Rashid Khan Afghanistan National Cricket Team

West Indies National Cricket Team Profile

The West Indies National Cricket Team, also fondly known as the “Champions of Calypso Cricket” or “The Windies Wonders,” is a fabulous group made up of cricket magicians hailing from fifteen Caribbean islands and lands.

This magnificent crew has earned a reputation for being an unyielding juggernaut in the cricketing realm – sitting at a cool eighth in Tests, a perfect tenth in ODIs, and a marvelous seventh in T20s according to ICC rankings as of November 2022.

A true testament to their cricketing wizardry came during the glorious era of the late 1970s to the early 1990s when they were considered amongst the crème de la crème of international cricket.

Their stellar performances during this golden period led them to don the coveted crowns of world champions in both Test and ODI formats in consecutive fashion.

Jason Holder West Indies National Cricket Team

2023 ODI World Cup Qualifier Play-off

The ICC World Cup 2023 Qualifier is going to be a total dhamaal for cricket fanatics worldwide, yaar!

Set to happen in Zimbabwe from June 18 to July 9, this competition is all set to identify and crown two dhinchak teams who will compete for the ‘baap’ of all titles!

This ekdum special chance lets cricketers flaunt their skills on an international stage – maybe even become legends among the crazy fans!

Bilkul sure hai ki all participating countries ke fans will throng to the sidelines, eagerly waiting to witness some ‘jadoo’ on the field – ekdam proof ki sports ki khoobsurat baat kya hai, boss!

ODI World Cup Qualifier Play-off in Zimbabwe

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2023 ICC World Cup FAQ

When 2023 ICC world cup will start?

The ICC World Cup will now commence on October 10th through November 26th.

Which country will host 2023 ICC world cup?

India will be the host nation for the International Cricket Council’s World Cup 2023.

How many teams will play in ICC world cup 2023?

A total of 10 cricket national teams are vying for the 2023 ICC World Cup title.

Who qualified for ICC world cup 2023?

The qualified teams are: India, Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, West Indies.

When 2023 ODI world cup qualifier Play-off start?

Taking place in Zimbabwe from June 18 to July 9.

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